Outdoors they are found in moist areas such as mulched beds, unweeded plant beds and around woodpiles and debris. They are often attracted in large numbers to electric lights. The male’s incessant chirping both day and night indicates their presence. These sounds, created by rubbing the front wings together, attract females.

As omnivores, they feed on various foods and fermented liquids, such as beer. They damage textiles, especially silk and wool and garments damaged by perspiration or food.

Crickets often invade storage buildings, crawlspaces, basements, garages and indoor areas where moisture may be a problem (e.g., bathrooms, laundry rooms, etc.). A telltale sign of a heavy infestation is the presence of dark fecal smears on surfaces. They can damage stored items, such as garments and linens packed in boxes in a garage or basement if the problem goes unchecked for some time and the crickets cannot find suitable food.

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